This is just a piece of my writing.I wrote it during my class hours.So here goes my first blog post.It’s short though.

Pain is not a feeling.It does not sting our hearts,It does not leave us shattered,It does not break us into pieces. In fact pain is a force that convinces us that we are alive, we are breathing.

Pain is the truth of reality.Pain does not stay with us forever,but the thought of pain remains in our mind.Pain can be dealt in two different ways either you enjoy the pain you are receiving or you cry your hearts out praying for your pain to subside.

We have prepared ourselves to face our pain when we don’t know what pain really means?Pain has no meaning.We make the meaning of pain.P-A-I-N is just a four letter word that we use to describe what we are feeling.Our happiness can be a pain,our laughter can cause us pain,crying causes us pain.Pain is what we have created and we can ever undo pain.

But in the end , the thing about pain is it won’t last forever and it hurts you alot.But with time it gets better.

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